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4 out of 5 Flushes Waste Water.
Drop-In Dual Flush Converter
uses up to 70% LESS WATER.

The HydroRight quickly and easily converts your toilet into a water-saving dual flush toilet. Quick flush for liquids and paper. Full flush for solids.

  • Uses up to 70% LESS WATER with liquids and paper

  • Installs without tools in 5–10 minutes

  • Tank removal not required

  • Works with all standard flush valves

  • Eliminates flapper problems

  • Invented by a plumber

Here’s How it Works

Most toilets use the same amount of water for every flush. But a bowl filled with just liquid and paper, which is the case 4 out 5 times, doesn’t need a full tank of water to flush effectively. Using the HydroRight in any size toilet will save thousands of gallons of water per year.

What Other Say About the HydroRight

Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford
praised the HydroRight for its
water–saving, easy installation in their
Eco-Friendly Living episode.

Danny Lipford

“This thing’s awesome! It is not expensive and it’s a
terrific way to save water.”

“This thing makes so much sense. It’s so easy to


The HydoRight installs in less than 10 minutes and tank removal is not required

Remove flapper and old handle.

Flush valve easily slips
over existing fill tube and

Install Dual Button handle
tighten by hand.

Adjust quick flush and full
flush valve.

Retailers Choice

Selected for the 2009 Innovation Award by the editors and members of the Handyman Club of America.

The HydroRight dual–flush retrofit kit converts a standard toilet into a dual-flush toilet in minutes. A dual-flush lets you choose how much water the toilet consumes per flush (this is, hopefully, self-explanatory). The kit replaces the toilet’s flapper and handle, and the conversion causes toilets to use up to 70 percent less water. Installing it is an easy DIY project—certainly easier than replacing the entire commode.

The Retailers’ Choice Award is determined by a group of retailers who search the thousands of new products at the show for the ones they think are the most innovative, have high consumer appeal and will sell well at retail. It is sponsored by Hardware Retailing magazine.

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