California Drought Drains Precious Water Supply and Pocketbooks

Published by: Michael Schuster • On: September, 5th 2014 • Under: General
California drought


As of January 17th, Governor Edmund Brown declared a state of emergency in California which faces the most severe drought on record. He urged state officials to make the necessary plans in preparation for extreme water shortages. On the 27th of January, an action plan was released, which immediately began shutting down local rivers and…

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Water Saving Devices for Your Business or Commercial Property

Published by: Michael Schuster • On: August, 30th 2014 • Under: Corporate News, Eco-Friendly Tips
Water saving devices in a commercial bathroom setting.


With the world population rising and the sources for clean water depleting, it is more important than ever to adopt ways to conserve the natural resource; one such way is through water saving devices. Water saving devices can also cut down the excess of water flushed through the plumbing of your business or commercial property,…

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