Buying a New Home? Don’t Forget a Plumbing Inspection!

Published by: Michael Schuster • On: January, 29th 2015 • Under: General
Bathroom plumbing inspection in progress.


A plumbing inspection is just one part of a series of tests run by a qualified house inspection specialist. Like other system tests (heating, cooling, electric, ventilation), a plumbing inspection is important because it can catch problems with a home prior to buying the property. Thus, it can save you from frustration, safety concerns, added…

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From a Water Main Break to a Leak in Your Home – Be Vigilant!

Published by: Michael Schuster • On: January, 14th 2015 • Under: General
Water main break being tended to.


When the temperature drops below freezing in certain parts of the country, something called a “water main break” can occur in which a main sewer/waterline that is running beneath the ground ruptures or cracks. The cause of a water main break is usually not just a single drop below freezing, but rather a continuous low…

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Toilet Installation Made Easy with the Hydrocap Wax Ring Cover

Published by: Michael Schuster • On: December, 26th 2014 • Under: General
Toilet installation with HydroCap Wax Ring Cap


Is your family toilet old, cracked, or inefficient? Then it’s probably time for a new toilet installation! After all, who doesn’t like saving money on your water bill and helping conserve water at the same time? You might think that toilet installation requires an experienced plumber and forking over a few hundred dollars in labor,…

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Fight Your Toilet Tank Leak with the Hydrostop Flapper Alternative!

Published by: Michael Schuster • On: December, 10th 2014 • Under: General
Toilet tank leak fixed using the hydrostop flapper alternative.


The days of flimsy rubber flappers and the resulting toilet tank leaks are over! Go flapperless with the Hydrostop Flapper Alternative, and feel the peace of mind that comes from solving a plethora of common toilet problems (like toilet tank leak) in one easy step. Faulty toilet flappers are the main cause of toilet tank…

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