Energy & Water-Saving Bathroom Updates

Published by: Michael Schuster • On: September, 14th 2015 • Under: Eco-Friendly Tips
Energy & Water-Saving Bathroom Updates


Bathroom updates are a great way to reduce your daily energy and water usage. With increasing weather changes, energy costs, and regional droughts it has become necessary to improve the ways that we use energy and water in our homes. The bathroom is a place where we use a lot of energy and especially a…

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5 Signs You Should Call a Plumber

Published by: Michael Schuster • On: August, 12th 2015 • Under: General
A plumber ready to help solve your plumbing problems.


We know that calling a plumber isn’t on your list of favorite things to do, but there are times when it is absolutely necessary. Even the handiest people may not have the correct tools or resources to fix a complicated plumbing problem in their home. For some plumbing problems, there are simple solutions but for…

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10 Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

Published by: Michael Schuster • On: July, 15th 2015 • Under: Eco-Friendly Tips, General
Family staying cool in the shade.


Staying cool in the summer can often be a challenge. With rising costs of energy and the need to conserve water as much as possible, it is important to have a few tricks up your sleeve to stay cool during the hottest months of the year. Here are 10 tips for staying cool this summer:…

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Water-Saving Spring Cleaning Tips

Published by: Michael Schuster • On: June, 8th 2015 • Under: Eco-Friendly Tips
A young woman utilizing water-saving spring cleaning tips


It’s that time of year when we set aside extra time to clean our homes. From tossing or donating old items we no longer need to washing all the windows, this is a good time of year to get a fresh start. With so many options and areas to begin the process, we came up…

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