Water Saving Products

MJSI, Inc. is committed to delivering innovative new products focused on water conservation for both residential and commercial applications. The company’s portfolio of toilet parts were invented by a fourth generation plumber and offer consumers an inexpensive, easy way to save thousands of gallons of water a year.



Replacement Button

BSP37, HYR371

Replacement Handle

BSP38, HYR381

Toilet Dual Flush Converters

Dual Flush Converters

HYR271, HYR271C, HYR271T, HYR270, HYR270C

Toilet Fill Valves

Fill Valve With Cleaning Tube

HC660, HC660C

Toilet Fill Valve

HC550, HC550C, HC630T

Toilet Flappers

HydroStop Flapper Alternative


HydroForce Premium Adjustable Flapper

HFL190, HFL190C (Canada)

Universal Flapper

HFL105, HFL105C (Canada)