HydroStop Flapper Alternative

Model(s): FLT231T

30% easier to flush.

Handle activates srping loaded S.T.O.P to immediately prevent bowl overflows.

Chemical resistant, will not warp.


Flapperless Alternative

The HydroStop is a radical new approach to sealing toilets after a flush. Replacing flimsy rubber flappers with a sturdy tower, the HydroStop is engineered to eliminate the most common toilet problems. Unlike the angled, floating close of a flapper, the HydroStop drops vertically and solidly onto the flush valve opening to create a better seal and eliminate the possibility of leaks. The USEPA estimates that 20% of all toilets leak up to 200 gallons of water a day, mostly because of faulty flappers.
While ordinary flappers are connected to the handle with a thin chain that is subject improper tension tangles and breakage, the HydroStop features a durable stainless steel cable that is stronger, lasts longer and is less likely to break.

The HydroStop also features patented S.T.O.P. Technology (Safe Toilet Overflow Protection) that helps prevent bowl overflows. In the event of a clog, lifting up on the handle immediately drops the HydroStop tower and closes the flush valve so that water does not continue to drain from the tank into the bowl.

Because the HydroStop is a superior alternative to flappers, it:

  • Fits more flush valve openings,
  • Eliminates the guesswork about buying
  • the right type and size of flapper.
  • Features an easy drop-in, ten-minute installation
  • Does not require tank removal or tools.
  • Designed by a fourth generation plumber

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