HydroClean - Toilet Fill Valve

HydroClean® Toilet Fill Valve
HC660 (Also included in the HFX120 Kit)

HydroClean Awards

There are no special skills required to install this product. If water line or toilet appear to be leaking after installation, you should call a plumber immediately.

Fill Valve Installation

Shut water off, flush toilet to empty tank, and remove old toilet fill valve.

Familiarize yourself with the Positive Locking Mechanism and note how it locks the valve into position. No need to adjust now. HydroClean adjusts after installation.

Push J-Tube over bottom port of valve, making sure that grooves are lined up. Place valve in tank making sure the J-Tube lays flat on the bottom and up against the back and right hand side wall.

Position valve inside of tank making sure the rubber shank washer is seated as shown.

Our Click–Tight™ nut should only be hand tightened and should make 1-3 audible clicks to signal it is tight.
The wings are engineered to bend if the nut is overtightened, preventing leaks and cracking.

Make sure the J-Tube lays flat on the bottom of the tank, and is pushed up against the back and the right hand side of the tank.

Lightly bump tab while turning the upper valve body clockwise 1/4 turn, then adjust the valve up or down to the proper height.

Adjust the float height so that the top of the cap is even with the top of the tank. This height should allow the final float adjustment to be achieved with the thumb screw. Lock valve into place by turning upper body counterclockwise.

If the overflow tube has a cap remove it and discard before installing the bowl refill tubing.

Install the single blue tubing with the clip, and attach clip to the overflow tube. Trim the blue tubing to size to prevent kinking and install tubing onto the Mini-Valve refill port.

NOTE: Refill tubing must be positioned above the overflow tube. DO NOT INSERT REFILL TUBING DOWN THE OVERFLOW PIPE. This improper installation violates the plumbing code and could result in a leak.

If you have turned off the buildings water supply, make sure the Float Lock is engaged before attaching the water supply to the tank.

Determine the type of water supply line that you have. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Only use the cone washer and coupling if you have a metal/copper flared tubing. DO NOT USE PLUMBER’S PUTTY TO SEAL FITTINGS

Turn on the water and run the bath tub water to flush debris. When water is clear, disengage float lock to fill tank.

If you have turned off the water at the toilet, disengage the float lock and turn on the water supply to fill the tank. Use the thumbscrew to adjust the proper water level inside the tank as indicated on the tank or 1/2” to 1” below the overfill tube.

Slowly Add water to the bowl until it no longer raises, and wait 2 minutes for the excess water to runoff down the drain.

Use a pencil to mark 1/8” below water level in the bowl, then flush the toilet. If the valve is still filling the bowl after the water reaches the pencil mark, you will need to adjust the Mini-Valve to control the amount of water filling the bowl.

HydroClean ships with the Mini-Valve in the horizontal full open position. Turn counterclockwise to decrease the amount of water filling the bowl. Start with the valve in the middle position and adjust up or down until the tank shuts off close to the same time as the bowl hits the pencil mark.