The Perfect Seal Wax Ring

Model(s): 10718

Extension works for flanges below the floor
Cover forces wax into critical sealing zones
Base designed for flanges above the floor
Wax Ring Provided

The Perfect Seal Toilet Ring

Perfect Seal Wax Ring

Designed by plumbers to remove the guesswork out of toilet installation, the Perfect Seal provides the strongest, leak-free seal available on the market.

Unlike ordinary, messy wax rings, the Perfect Seal stabilizes the bolts, works in all pipe sizes and seals when the flange is ½” above or up to 1 ½” below the floor.

  • Strongest, most secure, leak-free seal
  • Withstands 3 X more pressure that an ordinary wax ring
  • Eliminates the mess
  • Stabilizes the floor bolts
  • Works with any 3” or 4” toilet flange

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The Perfect Seal Wax Ring FAQs

Yes. The Perfect Seal has a universal fit and can be used with any size toilet.

The Perfect Seal is engineered to accommodate a wide range of flange positions, from 3/8” above the floor to 1 ½’ below the floor.

No. The only tools that are normally needed are a putty knife to remove the old wax ring and an adjustable wrench to both remove and re-tighten the nuts and water supply.

The Perfect Seal is engineered to force the wax into the critical sealing zones around the flange and down the pipe.

Yes. The Perfect Seal is designed so that the toilet can be reset as many times as necessary.

Yes. The Perfect Seal will fit any flange measuring 3-4 inches in diameter.

The blue insert is designed for flanges that are below the floor.

If your bolts are in good condition and you have not raised the flooring, then you can reuse the bolts.

  1. Make sure you didn’t use the Blue extension if the flange is above the floor.
  2. If Blue extension was not used – remove the Black plastic funnel insert and reset using the same seal.

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Danco Perfect Seal Wax Ring: By John Young of the Weekend Handyman

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