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Almost every toilet, even a high–efficiency, low–flow toilet, wastes water. Lots of water.

Yet in a recent survey, only 13% of Americans correctly chose the toilet as the biggest water waster in the home. The truth, according to the USEPA, is that toilets account for over 2.1 trillion gallons of water consumption each year or equal to over 30% of total indoor water use.

And that’s just the water wasted in flushing. Toilets are also silent leakers, wasting up to 200 gallons per day, mostly because of faulty flappers.

Fortunately the solution to these two water-wasting problems does not mean buying and installing expensive new toilets. Backed by four generations of plumbing experience, MJSI’s portfolio of toilet upgrade products sets the industry standard for producing significant water savings for under $30.

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